This channel is about exploring the amazing world of Minecraft, going on worldwide servers, exploring worlds, and building and creating amazing things! Join my channel and let's explore the wonderful world of Minecraft together!

my channel


My love for gaming is bigger than you can imagine and this channel is my dream. If you support me, thank you so much for helping my channel grow.


The Hive is my favorite server. So, join the hive and you might get a sneak peek at my newest video. If you see me make sure you say hi!

I love PVP games. Two of my favorites are Survival Games and Treasure Wars. So, come there and you might get to see me!

survival games
and treasure wars

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sky wars

Last but not least, Sky Wars Kits is one of my favorite games I mostly pick Void Walker and Trapper for my attack and defense so you should come and see it.

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Join my worlds, and we can play together!

“ some Games are amazing-- minecraft is one of them.”